What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse, vaulting is the oldest equestrian sport in history. Dating back to the Greek and Roman times, vaulting was used for entertainment, and to train the soldiers and warriors how to balance while riding and fighting during battle. The Cavalry later added drums so the horses would keep the same pace, and developed gymnastic apparatuses like the pummel horse, balance beams, and parallel  bars (what we know as gymnastic today) so the men could ride with more balance and in harmony with the horses.  They found it advantageous to "vault" on to the horse without the use of stirrups, and often used a pole to vault on (today's sport of Pole Vaulting).  When fortresses were invaded, they found that being able to stack men three high on a horse was a great advantage. 

Today equestrian vaulting is a competitive sport, for both teams and individuals, and it's performed on either a horse or a vaulting barrel. 

Is it Safe?

Yes! It's one of the only equestrian sports where a helmet is not allowed.  The rider is taught balance and body control without having the responsibility of controlling the speed and direction of the horse.

Everything is learned on a vaulting barrel before attempted on the horse. 

Our commitment to  safety is year-round. No matter the season, we're here to help both adults and children learn to vault or ride in harmony with the horse. Call us to schedule a private lesson, or make plans to come visit one of our classes to learn more about this unique sport.

We do Gymnastics on horseback!

 Our History:

 September Song Stables is the host to The Lone Star Vaulters' Club. Family owned and  operated since 2006, the Lone Star Vaulters have become the most active Equestrian Vaulting  Club in Texas.   Our vaulters compete as individuals, or as a Team at the Regional, National,  and International Levels. AVA, USEF, and the FEI are the governing bodies for this equestrian  sport.

​​ Rosie Brown founded the club as the vaulting coach then joined forces with Melanie Schaubhut (barn owner & horse trainer), and her daughter Alex who is a gold level vaulter.  The club is still coached by Rosie Brown and managed by Lone Star Vaulter's Booster Club.  

Lone Star Vaulters