** All Bronze level and up must register with the USEF 

Club Vaulting 

To become a member you must attending private, semi private, or recreational classes to learn the basics. Then if you decide you want to become competitive, you can join a team that is appropriate for your vaulting level.

LSV Club Membership is $100 Year



Recreational Classes

Send us an email if you want to sign up for a Private or Semi-Private lesson. Include what day and time would be best for you and we'll try to match your schedule up with a  coaches.








We do Gymnastics on horseback!

Vaulting Lessons
Canter Vaulters
1x per week - $275 per month
2x per week - $300 per month
3x per week - $325 per month
Trot Vaulters
1x per week - $200 per month
Private Sessions
$75 per hour

Lone Star Vaulters